As a stock photographer, you have two options to submit your images with StockPro:

  • using our dedicated stock accounts.
  • using your own stock account.

We detailed below these two options, so you can have a better idea of what suits you better.

Using our dedicated stock accounts

If you want to submit your images to many agencies but you don't want to manage each account yourself, we have a solution for you, the StockPro's dedicated accounts.

We provide dedicated accounts for all main agencies, which means you don't have to register to each of them separately and manage separates accounts individually.

We create and manage these dedicated accounts for you, on your behalf through your StockPro account.

Any time you sold an image on any of your dedicated accounts, we notify you, and you can get paid directly via your StockPro dashboard.

By default, you will be allocated personal dedicated accounts. If you want to submit your images to your own accounts, you will have to provide your credentials.

Using your own stock accounts

Most of our users already have multiple stock accounts on Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and other agencies.

StockPro helps you to submit your images to your own accounts in one click.

You just have to provide your credentials in your account settings.
Once you filled out this information, you can submit your images to your stock accounts using our image editor, and choose to dispatch in one click to the stock agencies of your choice.

Account settings view

You want to learn more about how we store your credentials in our database?
Check out this article.

Any time you sold an image, you can log into your stock account, and get paid (if you reached the minimum payout, which can vary between agencies).
You will have to connect to each account yourself.

In both cases, no commission is taken on your sales.

Still have a question? Write us an email.