We are proud to announce the launch of the private beta of StockPro.

What is StockPro?

It's a web application for stock photographers to submit their images to stock agencies easily.

In the past, if you wanted to sell more images, you had to create and manage multiple microstock accounts.

This involved a lot of repetitive time-consuming tasks. Uploading, editing your metadata, submitting, monitoring, etc. For each stock agency.

We understand that you have neither the time nor the wish to do that.

Now with StockPro, we take care of that. We create and manage your stock accounts for you.

You upload your images to StockPro, edit the metadata, and submit them. Just once.

Your images are then automatically submitted to multiple agencies.

Every time you sell an image on either agency, you are automatically notified. And you get paid.

Although StockPro is an intermediary between you and stock agencies, we don't take any commission on your sales. Most importantly, the ownership of your images remains yours.

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  • Drag and drop image upload.
  • Auto detection of LightRoom metadata.
  • Image metadata update (description, categories, keywords).
  • Sales summary for each agency.
  • PayPal payment.

We are continually improving StockPro, and we plan to implement a lot of key features in the next weeks/months.

Next features

  • FTP upload.
  • Auto suggestion of metadata.
  • Model release support.
  • More agency support (iStock, 123RF, etc).

At the moment, StockPro is a free solution. In the future, we will charge to use it.

As a private beta user, we would like to thank you, so you will have free access to StockPro forever.

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