With StockPro, you can submit your images to your own stock accounts with a simple click.

In order to do that, StockPro needs an access to your stock accounts.
You can provide your credentials in your account settings.

Account settings view

Why do we need your credentials?

StockPro automates the submission process of your images, meaning, it does everything you do normally, but automatically.

Let's say you want to submit an image to Shutterstock.
Once you hit the submit button in you image editor, a request is made to our server asking which image you want to submit to which agency.

It logs into your account, update your metadata and submit your image. All in a matter of milliseconds.

Your credentials are only decrypted by our server during this specific timeframe. When the task is done, your credentials are re-encrypted.

How your credentials are stored?

All your credentials are fully encrypted in our database with a unique key stored elsewhere.
Even if somehow an attacker gained an access to our database, it would be impossible for him to get the clear credentials.

What does FTP and agency credentials mean?

Most of stock agencies allows you to upload your images via FTP (with Filezilla for example), it's a convenient way to upload multiple images at once.

This is the method we use to upload your images to your stock accounts as well.
That's why we need your FTP credentials.

And your agency credentials are necessary as well. We use them to log into your account, update your image metadata, upload any release, and submit your images.

In the case of Shutterstock, your agency and FTP credentials are the same.
Learn more here.

Without these, we would only be able to upload your images, and you'd still have to log into your account and submit your images manually.

You can view these as:

  • your ftp credentials to upload your images to your stock accounts.
  • your agency credentials to update and submit your images.

What's the alternative?

If you don't want StockPro to have access to your stock accounts, you can use our dedicated stock accounts.

We create and manage those accounts for you so you can focus on photography instead.

If you have any questions, please reach us out.