Hi everyone!

Since the launch of the private beta a few weeks ago, I've been working with users to solve their issues with StockPro.

You can sign up here. I'm closing the beta soon.

One of the most requested features was the ability to choose where to submit your images.

Before when you uploaded an image to StockPro, you had only one choice. Submit them to both Adobe and Shutterstock.

Often photographers already have a portfolio submitted on a particular agency. Hence they don't want their images to be submitted again there.

Now you can choose!

image status panel

There are four different ways to describe an image submission status:

  • waiting, the initial status of an image after uploaded to StockPro.
  • pending, when you submit an image, and it's been reviewed by the agency.
  • submitted, when your image has been approved by the agency.
  • refused, when your image has been rejected.

Which leads to the next big update.

When your image has been refused, you can see the exact reason.

image status panel with a submission error

In the image below, the image was rejected by Adobe because its keywords weren't written in English.

Now that you can see why an image has been refused. It will be great to re-submit it as soon as you solved the issue.

That's what I will be working on among other things.

Here is a list of small changes:

  • added feedback widget in-app.
  • modal design improvements.
  • better metadata input handling.
  • fix an issue when an image filename contains whitespace and creates an error.

You have any question or you would like to see a particular feature implemented, shoot me an email:

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